I’m a pretty introverted person.

Some folks are surprised when I tell them this.  It’s because I have learned to turn on my “outgoing mode” when the situation calls for it.  However, deep inside, I’m a pretty private guy.  I mention this because starting a blog and writing this intro feel completely weird to me.

Why am I doing it?  This summer, I hit my 20 year anniversary at a high tech company.  It’s has been a fantastic place to work but I can’t believe it has been that long.  In tech time, that’s like 1000 years.

The day after my anniversary, I took an extended vacation.  Before leaving on vacation, a couple of friends at work challenged me to start a blog.  I can only assume this is because they know that I can be quite the blowhard and they would love to see me embarrass myself.

During the vacation, I had an amazing opportunity to spend a few days in rural Mexico with Choice Humanitarian.  The trip was truly inspiring.  I wanted to share what I learned there with my friends and family.  That seemed like a pretty good excuse to start a blog.  So the combination of being challenged by my friends, having a great starting topic, enjoying writing, and wanting to do something different have brought me to start this blog.

My first few posts will cover what I learned on the trip to Mexico with Choice.  After that, if writing the blog becomes engaging for me, I’ll delve into other topics that I find interesting: macro-economics, stock market investing, real estate investing, politics, computer coding, network security, STEM education, poker, parenting, or whatever else crosses my path.

At this point, I’m not sure how this blog will turn out.  Maybe it will be an interesting experiment that dies an early death.  Maybe it will become part of me and take me to unexpected places.  Either outcome, or anywhere in between, is fine with me.

If you find the content useful or have any feedback, please feel free to drop me a note.  While I’m doing this primarily for myself, I’d be really happy if others can benefit too.

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